Mobile Apps Made Easy

The mobile app you’ve always wanted is more attainable than you ever knew. Using your mobile friendly website, we use our proprietary system to build you a brand-new, seamlessly integrated mobile app that helps you engage customers and increase revenue like never before. Contact us today and have your mobile app within a week. No contracts. No headaches. No surprises.

Mobile Apps Benefits

Why Mobile Apps Are Vital to Your Growth
Mobile apps offer a more effective way to drive business and strengthen customer loyalty. Since they’re downloaded directly to a smartphone, customers can access your content without the pain of punching your URL into a mobile browser. Even better, mobile apps allow push notifications, the new standard for non-intrusively connecting with customers on the go.

Benefits of Push Notifications

Segment app users into groups to deliver custom messages
Broadly promote important news and special events
Send birthday wishes, loyalty coupons and other personalized messages
Instantaneously deliver urgent information to everyone with your app

How it Works

It doesn’t matter if you have a website, shopping cart or patient portal — as long as your content displays friendly on mobile, we’ve got you covered. Your website and mobile app will be completely synchronized, meaning every change you make on your site will automatically be applied to your app. The only reason we’d ever need to rebuild your app is if you want to add additional pages. And since this would be included in your subscription, you can do it for no added cost.

Your App, Your Way

There are two main types of mobile apps: progressive web apps (PWA) and hybrid mobile apps (HMA). Unless your app relies heavily on the native hardware pieces of a mobile device, such as its GPS or camera, we encourage you to get a PWA. While Develapp can build either type of app, PWAs are preferred for a number of reasons.


While HMAs must be accepted into and downloaded via the Apple App Store or Google Play, PWAs can be circulated via link and downloaded in a single click.


Since a PWA isn’t subject to app store approval, it can be available for download immediately after it’s built.


The market is trending toward PWAs. In fact, Google and Microsoft are preaching to app developers to avoid HMAs at all costs.



Customers must download Hybrid Mobile Apps (HMA) in their phone’s app store. Progressive Web Apps, on the other hand, can be downloaded via a link that’s circulated through your website, social media or a text message. Since a PWA doesn’t need to be published, it can be circulated right after it’s built.
Unless your app defends heavily on a phone’s native hardware (GPS, camera, contact lists, etc.), you’re better off with a Progressive Web App.
No, Progressive Web Apps and Hybrid Mobile Apps are virtually indistinguishable.
If you get to the point where your app needs special features that put it in the HMA category, all we have to do is activate a plug-in to publish your app in the app stores.

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